Friday, January 31, 2014

Discover your Intuition but PROTECT YOURSELF first!

I am a religious person so I don’t feel good about asking this but I need to know. Sometimes I feel like I know things are going to happen or I feel like someone is around when I am alone. I get chills often, my ears pop when I am around groups of people, and my moods are up and down daily. This just started over the last two years, I am afraid I am going crazy. I have prayed for help what else should I do?

While my Dad’s passion lies in helping the seekers, like him self, to find truth in religion, Christ, God, earth’s mysteries, etc mine lies in something a bit different.

My passion and mission is to help people like myself who have unknowing developed or have had spiritual gifts their entire lives that have made them feel “different”. I love to see the relief in the eyes of someone who has just been told, “Yes! Others feel, see, sense, hear the same things you do and YES I can teach you to not feel crazy anymore or to develop this into something amazing!” The key to teaching Christ centered Intuition development is to help people understand that all they need to do is protect their energy and they can live happy, healthy, “normal” lives with out having to deal with the extra emotional baggage that comes from sensing everyone else’s feelings around them. Personally I have enough drama going on in my own head, taking on others “stuff” is just not something I have time for and I am sure you other empaths, intuitives, and undercover mediums don’t either.

I discovered, after a life altering car accident, that I have had spiritual abilities my whole life and although I continually work on developing each one I have learned to control the energy around me so that my life is not effected. (I tell my whole story in our book). Prior to this discovery though I lived most of my adult life being told I was either bi-polar, ADHD, OCD, chronically depressed or all four combined! All of these labels being placed on me and all I wanted to do was feel “normal”.

Well, I am happy to report that I have finally gotten to that point and am helping others to do the same. This article will not make sense to most of you but to those that this resonates with, you know who you are because this is for YOU. I owe the peace that I now have to Reiki and the Christ based spiritual work I have immersed myself in over the last 5 years. With the daily practice of energy healing my connection to the heavenly realms continue to get stronger and I am forever grateful to God for allowing me to learn of these abilities and see them as gifts rather than a burden or a mental illness.

If you are one of the people out there that is “getting” what I am talking about I urge you to try something each day. It’s super simple and will change your life even if it’s just a little at a time. When you wake each day give your higher self (depending on your faith this could be anything from your subconscious mind, to your soul, your spirit, or the holy spirit) permission to guide you through the day. Ask this higher aspect of yourself to protect your energy from anyone or anything that is not for your highest and best good and tell them to surround you with Christ light. Then go about your day.

If at anytime through out the day you feel as if your mood shifts for no reason just stop and take a minute to call in your higher self and ask them to remove any energies from your field that do not belong to you. In most cases, your mood will shift because what you were in fact feeling was someone else’s bad day rather than your own. If you are one of those out there with mediumship abilities that you have not yet discovered, it could be a spirit that is trying to talk to you not knowing that you have NO clue that you are a medium!

I have had countless Intuitive Reiki students who had been diagnosed with anxiety disorders that have practically cured themselves after being told this simple exercise. It’s really quite fascinating how many ailments, diseases, and disorders can be cured by clearing our energy.

At night before bed to avoid tossing and turning and listening to your mind race simply lay down, close your eyes, and ask your higher self to remove all energies from the day that do not belong to you and ask them to protect you while you sleep.

This will make a huge difference!

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